《 From the Brave 》

Chansontpe European Concert Tour 2023

30 Jul - 9 Aug
2城市 3場音樂會
🇫🇷 法國巴黎 西班牙巴塞隆納 🇪🇸

“ 延續香頌管弦樂團自2020疫情以來,所推出的音樂會主題 #來自勇敢 音樂會將帶來多首當代臺灣作曲家作品,向國際觀眾推廣臺灣音樂之美,並呼應交流之法國、西班牙,精選數首曲目,分享彼此的文化,光彩相映。來自勇敢,向世界傳達勇敢精神,透過音樂的力量激勵、鼓舞人們!
The concert series was launched by the Taipei Chanson Chamber Orchestra since the 2020 pandemic, the concert "#FromtheBrave" will present a collection of contemporary Taiwanese compositions, showcasing the beauty of Taiwanese music to international audiences and echoing the cultural exchange between France, Spain, and Taiwan. Selected pieces will be performed to reflect the cultural richness of each country, and we will be shining together! #FromtheBrave concert aims to convey the spirit of courage to the world and inspire people through the power of music.

Aug 1 (Tue) 13:00
Kiosque à Musique, Jardin du Luxembourg 巴黎盧森堡公園
Jardin du Luxembourg, 6th Arrondissement, 75006 Paris, France

Aug 2 (Wed) 16:00
Église de la Madeleine Church 巴黎瑪德蓮那教堂
1 Place de la Madeleine 75008 Paris, France
Free Admission

Aug 4 (Fri) 16:30
Barcelona Cathedral 巴塞隆納主教座堂
Pla de la Seu, s/n, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
Free Admission

演出 〉 香頌室內樂團 Chansontpe Chamber Orchestra
台北香頌青年管弦樂團 Taipei Chanson Youth Orchestra

| Repertoire |

Bohuslav Martinu - Three Madrigals for Violin and Viola
I. Poco allegro & III. Allegro
博胡斯拉夫·馬爾蒂努:為小提琴和中提琴而作的三首牧歌 I/III樂章

Georg Philipp Telemann - Concerto for Two Violas

Frederich the Great - Sinfonia in D Major

Jean Baptiste Lully - Gavotte en Rondeau

George Frideric Handel - Xerxes: Ombra Mai Fu

Strong from “Cinderella”

James Horner - The Ludlows, theme from “Legends of the Fall”

Jody Chiang - Kah li lam tiau tiau (Hold you tight)

Teng Yu-hsien - Bang Chun hong (Spring Breeze)


The Taipei Chanson Chamber Orchestra (Chansontpe) is composed of professional musicians in Taiwan and abroad. Our goal is to display the beauty and depth of classical music through simple and elegant presentations. The orchestra actively promotes music to everywhere, hoping to plant the seeds of music in the hearts of everyone.

Founded in 2005, Artistic Director Chris Sheng-Chih Huang invited musician Chih-I Chiang to be the trainer and concertmaster. In 2008, Hsin-Yi Yu was invited as next conductor of orchestra. With efforts of members', the Chansontpe quickly gained recognition in the music industry in Taiwan.

To promote and inherit the promotion of art education, Chansontpe established an Art-Education Promote Team, delivered music education at 70 elementary schools. Despite the long and arduous journey, we sponsored charity performances to achieve original ideal of promoting art education. Over the years, we have held more than 250 free concerts at schools and many popular venues throughout Taiwan. In addition to trying various types of performance, we also invited well-known musicians and composers to collaborate, hoping to continuously accumulate and improve the orchestra's strength and experience. Taipei Chanson Chamber Orchestra's strong musical prowess and diverse styles bring music closer to people. We have led academy groups, to perform in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium. In 2018, they performed in the music hall of the "Sydney Opera House", receiving enthusiastic responses from the audience of various countries. Chansontpe have been invited multiple times to participate in major events such as film festivals and art festivals, and have also performed in several well-known video game concert. and have also been invited to perform/organise at the National Day, National Banquet, and national-level ceremonies.

Chanson's outstanding and dedicated performances have been recognized by various fields, having been selected as the New Taipei City "Guidance Performing Arts Team," "Outstanding Performing Arts Team," and "Art Education Performing Arts Team" for a total of 12 years.

Professional musicians with our enthusiasm, we are the "Taipei Chanson Chamber Orchestra."

台北香頌青年管弦樂團|Taipei Chanson Youth Orchestra

The Chansontpe has been committed to delivering classical music and art education. In 2010, we established an affiliated music group of Academy - Taipei Chanson Youth Orchestra (Chansontpe Youth/CYO), under the idea of "Music is a lifelong habit", recruit outstanding young performers under 20 from all over the nation who have more than 5 years of music experience. They are trained by those best and enthusiastic professional musicians, in vary ensembles, and large scale symphony. The goal is to grow up with music and make it become a good partner for life.

In addition to regularly experimenting with diverse repertoires based on various topics. We've been invited to perform at the World Vision Charity Carnival at City Hall Plaza, World Human Rights Day, New Taipei City Film Festival, New Taipei Christmas celebration, etc. CYO has participated in overseas music exchanges for times. In 2012, worked with the Hong Kong Conservatory of Music Orchestra at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Went to California of United States for music exchanges in 2013, participated in master classes and chamber music concert at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music(SFCM), and participate in a three-day farm music camp out to experience the fusion of traditional American fiddle and classical music. In 2016, participated in the youth music exchange in Urasoe, Okinawa, Japan. And participated in the cultural experience of shamisen at the Naha Cultural Center. In 2017, CYO was invited to perform at Baptist University recital hall and opening concert in front of Hong Kong Disneyland Castle. In 2018, CYO went to Sydney and Melbourne, and performed four consecutive concerts at the Australian International Music Festival, and performed at the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, a world cultural heritage. In 2019, CYO was invited to perform in Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium. Concerts at the English Reformed Church in the central Amsterdam, and to raise funds for the construction of a hospital in Malawi, Africa; an outdoor music feast at famous Le Place d'Armes of Luxembourg city; and one at the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula in Belgium, receiving standing ovations from audiences from all over the world. CYO was invited to perform in The 2022 National Day Receptionat at the Taipei Guest House, and was applauded by ambassadors from various countries.

CYO will be continuing to focus on training and participating in performances, members will also inherit the purpose of music delivery of our main group (Chanson Chamber Orchestra), and spread music with the enthusiasm and vitality of young people.